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Are you looking for professional IT security services to protect your company? Then we welcome you! Discover the IT security marketplace to search for solutions that meet your exact requirements. In addition to a clear overview of all available services, we offer you the option of filtering by category, country or specific title. Use our platform to find the optimal IT security solution for your company and secure your business environment in the best possible way.

Detailed descriptions

Get in-depth insights into specific services by simply clicking on the relevant service. After your registration, we will grant you full access to detailed descriptions of each service.

Service Details


Has one of our services aroused your interest and you would like to find out more about it or commission the service provider immediately? No problem! Simply use the “Send request” button to contact the service provider directly. A chat window will open in which you can clarify any open questions and discuss all the relevant details.

Provider directory

Our company directory gives you a comprehensive overview of all service providers – at a glance.

Provider directory


Once you have reached this stage, you can sit back and wait for the service to be carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission at cyberphinix is to create transparency and simplicity in the field of information security, IT security and cyber security. Our goal is to make life easier for customers like you and ensure that you can protect your business and systems more efficiently. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to quickly and easily find service providers that meet your requirements on our central platform, the Marketplace. In addition, you can advertise vacancies in this area on our platform to quickly find employees or freelancers.

Our features are detailed within the Pricing section.

You are one of those for whom the marketplace was designed. By reading this, you are showing your interest in topics such as information security, IT security and cyber security and want to protect either your own company or the company in which you work.

Are you looking for information security, IT security or cyber security solutions? Then we have great news for you! Registration and use of the marketplace is free for you!

The only costs arise if you want to publish job offers.

Simply visit or enter the desired term at the top of the homepage, e.g. “Red Team”, and click on “Search”.

Once you are in the marketplace, you can either manually go through the list of all services or use our filter function to search specifically for your requirements.

We already have the rating functionality in our feature list and will be developing it in the near future. This will enable users to rate services and service providers based on specific criteria, and view verified ratings.

Please reach out to us via the contact form or by sending an email to We will do our best to address your inquiry as soon as possible.

As a registered user, you will gain access to more detailed information about our services. Additionally, you can utilize the chat functionality to communicate with service providers.

Currently, contracts and additional agreements are not covered by cyberphinix and must be exchanged and processed outside of the platform.

Currently, it is not possible to directly contact other companies. You can only reach out to service providers regarding their services and communicate with them.

If you think this functionality would help you, feel free to send us a feature request via or contact form.

Currently, we do not have any tools available. However, we are planning to build a comparison tool that will allow you to compile multiple services into a comparison list and compare them with each other.

If you need or want other tools, feel free to send us a feature request via or contact form.

Currently there is no official process to assess the services. The indications of quality will be some more information like certificates, experience level, etc.

As we currently do not offer a premium model, there are no payment options available. Once we have more information about this, it will be updated here.

We are based in Germany, where we also operate all of our servers.

Yes you can book a live demo with us. Just contact us via our contact form or

If you don’t need a live demo, you can directly register to cyberphinix and create as many services as you want and publish them. This functionality is our basics, which will always be free of charge.

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