Cybersecurity compact: A quick overview for responsible managers and decision-makers (2024)

In today’s world, IT security incidents are becoming more and more visible. Not only in terms of their frequency, but also in terms of their impact. The increasing use of digital technologies in all areas of business has made companies more vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are a variety of sources of IT security incidents, from criminal hackers to political conflicts to sophisticated and persistent cyber criminals.

The dangerous assumption of immunity from attack

Despite the growing threat, many companies still believe that they are immune to IT security incidents. This is a dangerous assumption, as the consequences of a successful attack can be significant. Companies can face significant financial losses, reputational damage and even legal consequences, especially if they are found to have neglected their IT security responsibilities.

It is important for business leaders to understand the importance of IT security and take proactive steps to protect their business. This includes investing in robust security measures such as firewalls, encryption and staff training, as well as developing a comprehensive response plan in the event of a breach. Businesses also need to be aware of the many different ways cybercriminals can infiltrate their systems.

The threat of IT security incidents is constantly evolving, and organizations must constantly update their security measures and response plans to stay ahead of the game. This is especially important given the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals who are becoming more adept at covering their tracks and using new techniques to penetrate systems.

IT security as a company-wide priority

In summary, IT security is an important issue for all companies, regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate. Business leaders need to recognize the importance of IT security and take proactive steps to protect their businesses. This includes investing in robust security measures, developing incident response plans and keeping up to date with the latest developments in this area. By taking these steps, companies can minimize the risk of IT security incidents and ensure the continuity of their business and reputation.

The future of information security in the digital industries

The automotive industry already has a cyber security process in place, which has been defined by ISO/SAE 21434. Work is currently underway on the EU Cyber Resilience Act, which is due to be passed in the next few years, see Cyber Resilience Act and its consequences. This will require all software and hardware manufacturers to implement a cyber security process to mitigate threats and potential incidents. But we’ll see what the future holds.

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