Secure your company: The first decisive steps in IT security! (2024)

In today’s connected world, organizations are constantly exposed to new and evolving IT attacks. It is imperative that organizations act proactively to protect their digital assets and meet the demands of customers and regulators. This blog post will guide you through the process of implementing IT security in your organization, from the first steps to comprehensive protection.

Why IT security?

IT security is crucial as it protects your business from a wide range of threats. These include not only financial losses due to cyber attacks, but also the protection of sensitive data, compliance with legal regulations such as UNECE R155 and meeting your customers’ expectations.

The role of IT security

IT security forms the interface between the IT department and management. It is responsible for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of company data and systems. This means that IT security not only includes technical solutions, but also organizational processes and training for employees. This can lead to conflicts, as the objectives of IT security and the IT department are not always congruent. It is crucial to find compromises that are acceptable to both parties and offer an appropriate solution.

ACTUAL analysis: Building on what already exists

Before introducing IT security, it is important to analyze which existing processes you can build on. This includes reviewing existing policies, tools such as firewalls and anti-virus software as well as incident processes. The purpose of the as-is analysis is to create a solid foundation for further planning.

Management support

The support of management is crucial. Without this approval and commitment, the introduction of IT security will not be successful. Management must recognize the importance of IT security and provide the necessary resources.

IT security policy

A clear IT security policy serves to document the objectives of IT security and ensure that they are aligned with the company’s goals. It gives measures the necessary legitimacy and creates transparency with regard to management support.

Risk analysis and short-term measures

After the analysis of the current situation, you should analyze the risks in the company. The introduction of a complete information security management system (ISMS) can take some time. Therefore, short-term measures are necessary to increase the security level immediately. This may involve drawing on the knowledge and expertise of external security experts.

Budget and schedule

The introduction of an information security management system (ISMS) has far-reaching effects on the entire company. It is therefore important to set a budget and plan the timeframe for setting up the ISMS. This ensures that the necessary resources are available and that the process runs efficiently.

Planning and goals

You should draw up a detailed plan based on the analysis of the current situation and the defined measures. This plan serves as the basis for management decisions and shows which short, medium and long-term goals are to be achieved.

Checking and testing

Once measures and objectives have been implemented, it is crucial to ensure that they have been implemented effectively. This requires testing and review, including checking the processes set up in practice. Weak points in the process must be identified and rectified before they are firmly integrated into the company.

Prioritization and step-by-step implementation

With budgets likely to be limited, it is important to prioritize. This means that the minimum IT security processes that provide the maximum possible protection should be implemented first. This will ensure that your company is adequately protected even with limited resources.


IT security is not an option, but a necessity for every company. A structured approach to implementing IT security ensures that your digital assets are effectively protected and your business is ready to face the challenges of the modern threat landscape. With the right planning and implementation, you can effectively protect yourself from approaching IT attacks and maintain the trust of your customers and partners.

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